We are physically located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, a tiny island on Canada's East Coast.
Currently, to purchase wares directly from us, you can shop our online store at Etsy.com or find us out in the community at various fairs & markets. You can also find our stuff for sale at various local shops. Thanks for your support!

Laura's Story--
Becoming an Experimental Folk Artist

Finders Keepers got its start in 2004 when I refused to move away from my Cape Breton home to find work, deciding instead to make a living through self employment.
In choosing what type of business to start, I settled on art, thinking it made the most sense to deal in something familiar.

You see, I had been drawn my whole life to random, neglected things. They "spoke" to me.
Early school report cards describe a kid who is easygoing but "tends to daydream".
I grew accustomed to the "scatterbrained" & "disorganized" labels, but could never bring myself to fully reform--my secret life would NOT be ignored!

Childhood for me was about exploring my neighborhood and stopping to ponder the personality of every plant, rock and piece of debris. I can remember being about five years old and going door to door with my "smooth rock collection"--puzzled that nobody appreciated my treasures enough to buy them. It was a good lesson that the magic you see is not the magic EVERYONE sees.
Ever since those early days, my life's work has revolved, in some way, around this practice of revealing the magic.



Seeing Differently has made life difficult at times, but it was in my blood. The tradition of "making-do" was passed down from my grandparents  (skilled tinkerers who believed in saving, well, EVERYTHING, because "you just never know when someone will need it...")  on to my mother (handy-woman and DIY-er extraordinaire).
I watched my older brother take things apart to see how they work and, looking back, I guess it only made sense that I too would take up that torch. We were born into a family of inventive and resourceful makers. We learned by example "Dream, yes, but also DO."

After obtaining a bachelor's degree in the social sciences at Cape Breton University in 2000 (then named UCCB), I spent a few years employed at various seasonal/casual occupations all while desperately wanting  *insert magical harp sound effect here*---a Real Career! swoon!

Once I chose Art as income, I quickly entered the busy world of wholesale and for several action-packed years I kept about 30 Atlantic Canadian retail outlets stocked with my wares. This kept me so busy that I no longer had time to explore art for art's sake.
Wandering and pondering through my neighborhood was a thing of the past now that every creative act had to translate into dollars. I missed my old ways terribly.  Something had to give.

Around 2010, I slowly started scaling down my business in an effort to figure out where to go, and how to get there. These days I still practice art on a daily basis (and it is magical), but I also keep a part-time day job as well. This mixture makes sure my rent gets paid, while freeing up some of my creative time for projects NOT driven by the bottom line. Most of my daydreaming now is centered on ways to share the FINDERS KEEPERS manifesto with as many people as possible, with hopes they will join the party...
Viva la Daydream Revolution!!!